BOD Greeting

Greetings to all employees, may we all always in good condition.

Greeting to all employeesOn this precious occasion, firstly I would like to say thank you and express my highly appreciation to all employees of PT Artawa Indonesia, who have been working tirelessly and showing the loyal dedication to the company whether in good or bad times for over 15 years.

PT Artawa Indonesia is a company that bridges the relationship between Japan and Indonesia. And as a Japanese who works in PT Artawa Indonesia, I have a dream to make this company has many young professionals with equal competence to Japanese young professionals that always works on time and have a self awareness to maintain their own safety and health.

Currently on 17 March 2012, PT Artawa Indonesia already has an official website that aims to give comprehensive information about PT Artawa Indonesia as a convenient place to work in to all employees who have been working here and their entire families.

I hope this information that contains in this website can create proudness within the heart of all employees and their families. Thus, all employees will get the positive support from their families and feel comfortable to work here. I believe, at the end, the company will also gain the benefits from the happy employees who dedicate their professional expertise whole-heartedly as the good team work members.

For the future, I will develop PT Artawa Indonesia to be such a giant umbrella that can protect the excellent synergy between the company, the employees and their entire family. So, let’s keep the good work.